I started woodworking about 25 years ago (it has been THAT long?), when we moved into a new house with a large, empty loft that cried out for built-in bookcases, CD-racks and desks. It occurred to me that I could possibly do this myself, and I went out and purchased a few books and some of the necessary tools. Since then, I have made a number of items, many of which are featured on these pages. Unfortunately, the loft that inspired this hobby was still untouched when we moved from Virginia to Florida.

More recently, I have been selling items I have made at a number of art shows around Tallahassee. Many of the items that I have made for use around our house, as well as some that have been made for sale, are shown in these pages.


Update: October, 2020.

I will be participating in the virtual Artisans in the Garden event organized by Tallahassee Nurseries. This month-long event begins November 1st, and is aimed at providing local artists and craftsmen with a venue to sell their creations during the Holiday Season, now that the annual event has been canceled due to covid.

I have created an on-line store for this event, under the Holiday Gift Ideas menu item. Please come in and browse. In addition, please be sure to visit other artists’ stores at the event web site.

Free delivery to addresses in Leon County, Florida, only. If you live in one of the neighboring counties and would like to purchase something, please contact me (through the contact form) before going to Checkout.