This large knife block was made in response to a problem we had: lots of knives, no knife block large enough to hold them all. We even had two sets of steak knives. One solution, getting rid of some of the knives, never occurred to me.


The core of the block is poplar, with a skin of cherry (obtained from Hurricane Isabel in 2003), with padouk trim. The main body of the block is 9.75" wide by 10.5" high by 4.5" thick.


This Goban was made for a colleague. It is made of maple, and the lines were drawn using an epoxy inlay. The finish on the base of the table is spar varnish. The top was finished using diluted spar varnish, with the excess wiped off after a few minutes (to avoid any reflective glare on the playing surface).



This hall table and couch table both consist of padouk tops with cocobola bases.